blackboard graphic shows availability of and need for surplus prepared food daily in the US

America Harvest is based on one simple insight.

We don’t need more food – we just need to be more efficient distributing the good food that is already being prepared - and thrown away - every single day.

Think about how much good fresh food you see being thrown away every day at your own school, social and business events. This is the food that we teach people how to harvest and distribute to the hungry.

Before you finish your dinner tonight, Harvest teams will pick up and deliver enough food to provide one million meals to hungry men, women and children around the world, at an average cost of 25 cents a meal.

Using the techniques that we pioneered, each of these 1,103 non-profit organizations has built sustainable partnerships with local government, individuals and businesses in their community. All but a handful of the ones that we have helped to start are still in operation today.

By thinking globally and acting locally we are able to weave legend, fabric, ethos and spirit into a lasting fabric of support for communities around the world.

Helen verDuin Palit

Founder and President

America Harvest Inc.

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