Photo of delivery crew from Oz Harvest
Map of US shoiwng cities that have and do not currently have Harvest food programs
Ensuring The Next Harvest

What Helen has done, I believe, is unique.

Firstly, I have not come across many people in the not-for-profit industry who are accomplished business people with an ability to apply that approach and rigor to a sector that has different needs and objectives.

Secondly, Helen has managed to take her inspiration, experience, expertise and philosophy and articulate them both verbally and in writing so that organizations like OzHarvest can succeed from day one without the Head Office having to send people to assist in the establishment of each program.

Thirdly, Helen’s availability and capacity to provide ongoing advice to solve new challenges for the programs help ensure mistakes are not made....

Anthony Kahn, Chairman OzHarvest - Australia

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Since 1981, Helen Palit has been on the front lines growing the Harvest movement. For many of those years she has worked alone, giving her time with the people of each city or town or village; between the various programs as needed.

Today, in the face of the worst global economy in decades, one person working alone is not enough to meet the needs of the hungry.

To meet the urgent need for low cost, scalable programs Helen has developed and is currently seeking funding for a new program called Harvest Trainers. Harvest Trainers will be a full time staff with the time, tools and resources necessary to help communities start and grow their Harvest programs.

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