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America Harvest is a 501(3)c non-profit that was organized in 1990 to distribute the proven Harvest perishable food recovery and salvage systems to any community that needed help to establish, manage or expand a perishable food program.

Harvest programs have among the very lowest costs per meal of any charitable organization. For instance, Angel Harvest in Los Angeles delivers a meal for twenty-five cents. And it is not just any meal – every year Angel Harvest picks up from the Oscar and Grammy parties...

The Harvest program is fully described in a five hundred-page manual based on best practices and lessons learned since 1981. The manual details all of the systems and the processes necessary to develop and manage a local program.

Topics include how to organize a program and a board, where and how to approach the food industries, how to partner with local government agencies to train drivers in proper food handling techniques, how to identify the emergency feeding programs that need the food and how to attract and manage volunteers.

Because most Harvest managers do not have a business background, the manual also covers personnel, accounting and marketing issues.

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Harvest programs collect and transport already prepared, un-served perishable food (hot, cold or frozen); not just cans and packaged goods.

Harvest drivers are specially trained to handle perishable food. They deliver the food immediately to a shelter or soup kitchen for the next meal, eliminating the cost of storage and the associated handling.

Harvest programs do this at no cost to the soup kitchens and shelters they support.

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